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Actually, we misunderstand between science and science. Even though the two words are the same, science and science have the same meaning, namely all efforts to investigate, discover, and enhance human understanding from various aspects of reality in human thought. But now science and science have different meanings. Science and science are different because science is all the study of knowledge. While science is the study of the reality of events around us in terms of both theoretical and practical aspects. You can visit mcgill university to learn more about science.

Because science and science usually have differences, then learning science also has differences in learning methods. The subjects of scientific studies are; mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geographical, etc. Apart from these differences, there is another difference, namely:

– Objective
In studying science, the need for an object that we learn is different from the usual science which studies the subject sometimes objects. Objects are what we observe, what numbers are, fast people run, or others. While the subject is something we observe in ourselves. The point is from yourself without any being observed. For example, Our Feelings are angry, and others. Basically what is related to the person himself. Not the person who researches or learns himself.

– Methodist
The Methodist is to get knowledge by doing methods to get the truth. The methodology of science cannot be arbitrary according to scientific studies or the scientific method. If you want to know what the scientific method is you can come here. Because it must be in accordance with the methods to make science very different from other sciences so that science is very difficult to get new knowledge or discovery.

– systematic
Must be done regularly or patterned in the process and must be logical and comprehensive. For example, for us to observe plants, we want to know what plants influence the sun. We must do it experimentally through non-personal research based on our hearts, but must be in accordance with the study of literature (books) related to observation. Then, we can experiment. And the sequence is very long according to the stages of the scientific method.

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