New Frozen Food Business Owners Should Try These Packaging Tips

From the beginning, make sure that the manufacturer is clean and sterile. First, wash all raw materials. Use quality products, so that the frozen food produced will be good. Don’t use doubtful raw materials. Always check at the beginning, whether there is damage or not. If the raw material used is good, it will produce good food too. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a trusted expert who can help your business to grow, just click here for info.

In addition, the cleanliness of the equipment must also be maintained. Wash all equipment before and after use.

Make sure the packaging is tightly closed and airtight

Food that is tightly closed and airtight will further guarantee the durability of the product. This will prevent damage to food and prevent foreign objects from entering the product.

Use airtight plastic. Make sure the plastic is safe for consumer products. For example, using the type of plastic PE (Poly Ethylene) and HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene).

PE plastic is widely used for packing drinks. While HDPE plastics are widely used for food, bottles, oil, heat-resistant plastics, vegetable plastics, etc. It’s because this type of plastic is flexible with high strength.

Use portable packages

A simple and easy way to carry packaging will make it easier for consumers to use. Don’t let the packaging be too complicated and confuse consumers when opening.

In addition, you must adjust the size of the packaging with the products in it. Do not let consumers feel cheated, for example, the package is too big but there’s only a little bit of food in it, or the package is too small so that the contents are too full so it’s not good from the side of the display. Ensure that the packaging and contents remain proportional.

Avoid Freeze-burn

In packaging frozen food, we must think about its durability. Make sure the food is according to the manufacturing procedure so that you avoid freeze-burn.

Freeze-burn is a change in color, texture, taste and nutritional content. If the form of food and nutritional value is maintained, it means that the frozen food is safe and suitable for consumption.

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