You Should Try These Two Curtain Types For Your Small Windows

Minimalist small rooms sometimes have windows that directly face the highway. Designed by designer Julie Kleiner, she chose small window curtains made of soft neutral colored satin wool that has been trimmed for the edges to dangle to the floor. This color selection can be adjusted to the ambiance that you want to create in your home, which is soft and warm. Just look at it, you must have felt a cozy room just like that. On the other hand, you may also use the มู่ลี่ with stronger colors, but you need to make sure that the color isn’t too bright so it won’t ruin the cozy atmosphere within your room.

In addition, for those of you who want to ‘dress’ your home with small window curtains that have details, a minimalist window curtain model can be an option. You can see like this little window curtain. The curtains are blue with floral motifs, leaves and also the dragon snake that is made of cotton and trimmed on the edge of the small window curtains.