Four Benefits Of Regularly Cleaning The Aircon

Nowadays, aircon is increasingly being used, both at home and in offices. Aircon is needed in offices because it is considered to improve the quality of work of employees. This is because the air outside is getting hotter to be able to penetrate the walls of the room continue reading. If the air in the room is too hot, it can reduce the concentration of employees. Similarly, the function of the aircon at home. Aircon at home usually functions as a cooling body temperature, while increasing concentration for those who work from home. That is why aircon servicing is very important to do every 3 months to maintain the stability of the engine work.

However, cleaning the aircon on a regular basis is not only intended to maintain the stability of the engine, but there are also still several other benefits obtained by cleaning the aircon. In this article we will discuss the benefits of cleaning aircon regularly:

– The air in the room is cleaner
Clean air is a condition of a healthy life. Polluted air can weaken the body’s immune system so that it easily hurts. One of the functions of the aircon is to filter particles and dust in the air so that the air inhaled becomes cleaner. But if the aircon is not cleaned regularly, the dirt that sticks to the evaporator pipe will make the aircon work ineffective. In the end, the air cannot be filtered to the maximum.

– Prevent aircon leaks
The sticky dirt can turn into moss and clog the aircon drain. The clogged drain will cause an aircon leak. If this happens, it will make the aircon break quickly. We recommend that you clean the aircon regularly to avoid clogging the evaporator pipe.

– Keep the aircon cool
Dirt that is left to accumulate on the filter causes the filter to not work effectively. If the filter holds too much dirt, the dirt will stick to the evaporator pipe. This is what causes the aircon so not cool.

– Save cost
Dirty aircon will cause the work to be heavier. This will result in more wasteful electricity usage. Wasteful electricity will make you incur additional costs. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the aircon so that its performance becomes lighter and does not incur more electricity costs.