These are Some Tips To Handle A Fan That Is Totally Dead

Fans become one of the most popular electronic devices. Many people use fans in their homes so they can make the air in their homes a little cooler. One type of fan that is most often used is ceiling fans. The process of installing this type of fan is indeed different. You can use services from residential electrician Wilmington NC if you can’t install it alone.


Unfortunately, this type of fan is often damaged. There are several ways to repair a totally dead fan.

Check the cable section
The first way to repair the total die fan is to check the power cable section. From here you need to make sure there are broken parts or not. To check it, you will use a multimeter or AVO meter tool. If the cable is broken, you can replace it with a new one. But if not then proceed to the next stage.

Check the settings button panel
Next is checking the fan speed rotation speed button. This check is also carried out using a multimeter or AVO meter on each cable connection connected to the panel. Usually, there will be two to three cables connected to the fan dynamo and one cable from the electric current source.

Check fan capacitors
Then check the fan capacitor section. Because weak or damaged capacitors can cause the fan to spin slowly. The shape of the capacitor is generally a black box that is located behind the armature. To find out whether the capacitor is damaged or cannot be marked with its physical form. Damaged capacitors look bloated, swollen and can sometimes also rupture. If it looks damaged, the capacitor must be replaced with a new one.

But, for ceiling fans, you need the services of a professional person because the process of handling the fan is slightly different from other types of fans. You can find professional services around you.