You Can Do These Tips To Paint Your House In 4 Days

On the first day, check the old paint on the wall whether it is still in good condition or not. You can check it by applying water to the surface of the wall and wait a while. If the wall shows bubbles, the paint must be peeled off immediately. Then remove the old paint layer by sanding it. Make sure all parts of the paint are peeled off so they don’t become stained when the walls begin to be repainted. Before starting to remove the old layer of paint, it’s good to get rid of it or keep the furniture and carpet away from the wall so it won’t be exposed to residual paint. Apart from that, you may need to hire the best one man and a brush if you need to paint the outside part of your house quickly.

On the second day, give the base paint on the wall and allow it to dry completely. After that give the layer again, then flatten it with a brush or brush in an area that feels too thick like the corner of the wall, the ceiling and the edge of the wall. Before the second layer is completely dry, color the entire wall using a roller. To avoid strange patterns when painted, make a large “W” shape with rollers and then side the gap. Do this repeatedly and end by painting the wall vertically. Clean the splashes of paint on parts made of wood, such as doors, windows or tables while still moist. Finally, clean the roller and brush after completing everything.

On the third day, you can apply additional layers to the wall as needed. If the painting is not finished, you can finish it today.

On the fourth day, you should brush a few corners such as the ceiling and the edge of the wall for maximum results. When finished, clean all painting equipment including the container, roller or brush. After that remove the sticky tape before it is completely dry. Clean the remains of the work and return the furniture to its original place.