Materials, Texture, And Size Of School Uniforms Are Important

The most important thing you must pay attention to is the material used to make the uniform. Quality materials and very suitable for uniforms are basic cotton materials that provide cool properties and of course good sweat absorption. School children usually tend to be active so that they sweat a lot and need a uniform that is able to absorb sweat well. Uniform material that has sweat absorption is a type of high-quality material and tends to be rather expensive in the market. However, if you want to know one of the cheap fabrics is usually a polyester-based school uniform.

Uniform texture

Uniforms that are made from good material usually have a texture that falls and the woven looks tight, and the material is not heavy. Before buying you can feel the uniform or you can also squeeze the uniform material, this is to see the reaction of the uniform material after kneading or shrinking. It would appear that the difference between good quality uniform material and cheap, cheap uniform material is usually very easily tangled because the fiber is easily bent. Many cheap uniform materials are mixed with other fiber ingredients.

Uniform size

When you buy a ready-to-wear uniform, the risk you need to pay attention to is the uniform size that fits. Therefore you must measure the body of your child that will wear the uniform. It’s good if you buy a uniform with a size that is rather large but not so great when used. Because remembering the growth of children is very fast in school.