These Are Various Factors That Affect The Cost Of Embroidery

The cost of embroidery isn’t just affected by the number of clothes that need to be embroidered. The processing time determines a lot in calculating the cost of embroidery. Although using a machine and can be done in a fast time, it does not mean clothes can be ordered within a few days before the deadline, especially in large quantities. So to save the cost of the message ahead of time with standard processing time to make the price more reasonable. Forcing faster processing time will have an effect on costs. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the good embroidery companies near me, make sure you only choose the most trusted ones in your area.

Number of needle points on the fabric

The calculation of embroidery costs is not calculated from the size of the embroidery itself but on the number of needle punctures in the design to be embroidered.

Complexity of design

The level of complexity of the design certainly determines the costs that will be incurred when making embroidery. The more complicated the design is made, the higher the skills needed to create detail in the design. If you really need a cheaper price, simplify the design by reducing the details on the logo.


It is still related to the previous one, due to the details on the complicated design will increase the color variations needed. The more colors used will be the higher the price is set for one garment.

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