Tips On Praying

Praying is worship because prayer is God’s command. We as His servants can try to accelerate the achievement of prayer, by maintaining our ethics or manners in prayer. Even though choose prayer request, you must do a few things when you pray, such as

– Keep your heart in prayer and believe God will grant the prayer delivered

This is very important, because praying is a request from a weak servant to the One Who is All-Powerful over Everything. So that it is fitting in the heart that there is no doubt whatsoever will be rewarded by God. If there is little doubt, then it will make it difficult for the prayer. Because doubt is the same as doubting the Power of God to grant the prayers offered.

– Consistency in prayer

Consistency and continuity in prayer are very necessary. As long as the prayer has not been answered, do not ever despair and say that “my prayers will not come true. You may not feel bored to pray until your prayer is granted. If your prayer has been granted, that does not mean you stop praying. Praying is worship to God, but the fulfillment of prayer is God’s right to determine when our prayers are better answered. In other words, you cannot force when God will grant your prayer.

– Always protect yourself with food and drinks that are not prohibited by God

Food and drinks are very influential on the body and mental. If what is eaten is a good thing, then the body and mind will be easier to do good things and vice versa. It greatly affects the quality of the prayer that is spoken.

However, praying is not as simple as you think. God gives what you want when you pray. Sometimes, you must wait for in a long time because God gives anything in the right time.

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