Understanding the Apostille Convention

The Apostille Convention facilitates and avoids various formal difficulties regarding the terms of legalization. However, on the other hand, it remains to pay attention to the strength of proof of authenticity rather than the relevant foreign documents. With the sticking of a certain paper program called “Apostille”, the legal document has been legalized by officials from the country that issued the relevant documents, which essentially provide a certificate in the form of replacing all legislative requirements. If you are looking for Apostille services, you can visit our website.

This certificate that is dated and numbered is then registered with the agency of the country that issued the document. People who want to verify the registration from this document can easily ask the agency that gave the certificate or apostille about the truth thereof. Regarding authenticity than legal documents can be found easily and cheaply. If it turns out it is true that the document has been seen and registered in the relevant apostille list in that country, then a judge from another country may accept that the document is actually valid.

With the ease of legalization requirements that are replaced with the conditions of attaching the apostille, a number of things can be achieved. Thus, the task of the judges who must examine the foreign documents in question becomes increasingly easy. Besides that, there is also certainty about the strength of proof abroad for every person who wishes to use the relevant documents as a means of proof abroad.

Public documents here are interpreted as documents originating from agencies or officials who have relations with courts and judicial bodies of a country, such as documents originating from prosecutors, court bailiffs in making calls, administrative documents, Notary deeds and other documents signed by people in their personal capacity such as official certificates regarding the registration of a document is affixed to official certificates.

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